A Vision of Present Training Program, by Jose Antonio Morales.


Success starts with a clear sense of purpose.

Your Purpose in 20 Sessions

We all want to break the patterns that keep us stuck, unsatisfied, and anxious. Can we do something about it?

With this one-on-one program, I'll guide you through some useful concepts I found along my own path of personal development and entrepreneurship. My intention is to give you different perspectives and tools for you to build your own path towards a life aligned with your purpose.

The training program consists of 20 sessions via Zoom, all of them within a 20 weeks period of time. Please consider additional time to work on the weekly assignments.

The topics we will cover:

First session.Understanding your expectations and objectives. Setting up the program calendar.
The Undictionary tool.Defining a system to understand and align definitions to facilitate communication.
How emotions are made.Understanding how our brain processes perceptions, thoughts, and emotions. Based on Lisa Feldman's work.
Fear & Failure.Understanding the role of fear in our patterns of failure.
Deconstructing Fear.A methodology to identify and analyze patterns that limit our ability to decide.
Core Values.Identifying the five most important values you use to make decisions.
Purpose.Identifying and formulating your purpose.
Deliberate Development.Setting personal development as a process.

Living on Purpose helps you to remove resistance; it supports a balanced life and promotes new and beneficial patterns of behavior.

Your Sense of Purpose will get you closer to what some call "achieving your full potential," a life where you exercise the freedom of being how you are, and the empowerment that comes from taking responsibility for your life experience.

Jose Antonio Morales

I'm your trainer and coach

My name is Jose Antonio Morales, I was born in Peru, today I live in Slovenia with my family. My Life Purpose is:

"Meeting new people, to learn and teach how to enjoy our individual time on Earth." As a child, I thought that life was like a computer game, I wanted to win the game, and I wanted all my friends to win as well.

I have been always entrepreneurial. In the first part of my professional life, I made businesses in the field of technology. In the second part, I focused on Social Entrepreneurship. I have experience with big corporations, startups, and freelancers. I am a generalist, and that gives me a unique capacity to connect dots in original ways.

I'm an alumnus of the Ashoka Visionary Program, a participant of the CoopWorks accelerator, mentor and advisor to high-school students, young entrepreneurs, early-stage startups. I'm part of the advisory board for the Social Innovation Academy, and Heartbeats Innovation & Communication.

I'm the founder of Aurora Coworking and Fear & Fail.

Interested in my story? Click here to read about the most important turning-points in my life..

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Jose Antonio Morales

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Before that, let me share with you some important details:

  • The program lasts 20 weeks. One session per week.

  • Each session lasts 45 minutes. We'll use Zoom for videoconferencing.

  • You'll receive an assignment per week.

  • The program's normal price is 800€ but I'm making a special inaugural price: 400.00€.

  • Payment method: PayPal.

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